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You Can’t Control the Sun, but You Can Control Your Shade

IMG_5134Some people plan their entire house construction around the path of the sun and how they feel they can best use its light and warmth, but the fact remains that you cannot pre plan the weather of any given day.

People who build their homes to take advantage of late afternoon light might find themselves sweltering in the evening, and people who wanted protection from the hottest rays may find themselves wishing in the cooler morning that they were out of the shade.

All of those planning difficulties can be solved by installing retractable awnings rather than permanent covers or permanently open areas. Would you like some sunshine to warm you with your morning coffee? No problem, just retract your awning. Is it getting too hot in the afternoon, or is the sun in someone’s eyes? No problem, just expand your awning.

With a smart installation, you can enjoy your deck or patio regardless of where the sun may be on its daily path. And while you are planning your outdoor living space, you can consider added elements for your comfort.

Maybe you sometimes need a wind screen, or perhaps a privacy curtain could provide a polite barrier between you and your neighbors. You can install different elements at the same time, transforming your outdoor living space into a customized comfort zone.

If you find that certain rooms of your home also become too greatly affected by sunlight, you can add the same type of retractable awnings to your windows. Shade the room when the sun becomes too heated, and pull back the awnings when you want light let in. It is certainly true that you can’t control the sun, but you can definitely control how it affects your home.

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