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Types of Awnings

Not all retractable awnings are created equally.  Not only are awnings a great investment for keeping direct sunlight out of your windows, but they can save you significant amounts of money each year on your energy costs.  Deciding on the right awning is important to ensure maximum benefits from solar radiation. Here is a brief guide you can use to help you decide which awning is right for your residential or commercial property.

Lateral Arm Awning

These are often called deck or patio awnings. Lateral arm awnings are the awnings that are seen on many store fronts. Lateral arm awnings are a popular buy for both residential and commercial customers. Because awnings come in a variety of colors and you have the freedom to pick which colors you want, a lateral arm awning might be a great investment.

A lateral arm awning can extend over an area of 18 to 30 feet. You have the choice of a hand-cranked variety or a motorized option that allows convenient home automation.

Pivot Arm Awning

A pivot arm awning is another familiar retractable awning type. You are more likely to see these types of awnings on second story windows. A pivot arm awning is designed specifically for use on windows. If you are looking for a traditional, shop-front look, then a pivot arm awning could be exactly what you are looking for.

Deciding on the right retractable awning is really a matter of taste and style. If you are a business owner and aiming for a more traditional look, then a lateral arm awning may be the right investment for you. If you have a large outdoor space, then the lateral arm awning is ideal for you as well. Pivot arm awnings are best for windows and can be operated inside or out. Both features are available in motorized versions.