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Reasons to Consider Retractable Awnings

A retractable awning will turn your patio or deck into a gorgeous “outdoor room” where your family will love to spend time and just chill out on those hot summer days. You don’t have to make the choice of staying inside or getting toasted out in the sun. You can pick a middle-of-the-road solution by installing a retractable awning. It’s a wonderful place to entertain your guests, have some good, or just sit back and relax. You can even install LED lights so that you can enjoy your awning into the evening.

Kick The Weather’s Butt

Don’t let the weather control your life. You don’t need to let glaring, scorching hot sun or light rains stop you from sitting out on your patio or deck. Look, if you’re putting in a deck or patio, you might as well make the most of it by installing a retractable awning. You can enjoy weather whether it is sunny or rainy. A retractable awning will give you protection and shade when you want it, but will retract when you feel like enjoying the sun. This flexible add-on will improve your deck or patio experience greatly.

Great UV Protection And Nice Shade

Having a retractable awning is kind of like having A/C. A retractable awning can block up to 99% of harmful UV radiation. A retractable awning is a good way to stay in line with the Skin Cancer Foundation and what they recommend to help prevent skin cancer. A retractable awning will give you a lot more protection than an umbrella. Plus, it will give your pets and children a sheltered place to play outside when the weather isn’t perfect. Blocking those harmful rays before they hit your home will also protect you.