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How to Look after Your Retractable Awnings

IMG_5245Retractable Awnings are a great addition to your home, though unlike any other house item, they require constant care and attention. Here are few ways through which you can take good care of your awnings and ensure that your investment in them lasts for a longer time:

Do Regular Cleaning

Try to hose down your awning equipment at least once every month to get rid of any dirt or dust. This is because dust allows growth of mold and mildew. Therefore it is better to frequently clean your awning before they get really dirty and an annoyance to clean.

Emphasize on Cleaning Agents

Try not to use any abrasive detergents during your cleaning. This is because they may remove the coating that protects the awning from stains. Instead, try to use a soft cleaning agent in a small quantity. You can also use a brush to aid your cleaning efforts. When cleaning, try to wipe the awning’s fabric with a brush through gentle top-down or left-right strokes. This will help you get rid of any unwanted stain in a better way. After cleaning is done, allow the awning to dry off completely.

Thoroughly Clean the Item

Make sure that no place is left without cleaning. Try to emphasize more on those difficult to reach spots and make sure that they are properly dealt with.

Keep Plants Away

A great way to look after your awnings is to keep it away from any vines or plantation that is near it. This is because the plants are often host to many fungus and bacterial substances that can affect your  awnings.

All in all keeping good care of your retractable awnings is a simple process. All you need to do is to give it your best attention at least once every month and you will have long lasting awnings for sure.