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How Long Do Retractable Awnings Typically Last in Florida?

Awnings come in a wide variety of sizes, designs, types, and materials. How long does the typical retractable awning typically last in Florida? Florida has a lot of sun and a lot of rain, and an awning can take quite a beating throughout the year. How long will it hold up?

With the right care and reasonable use, you can expect your awning to last for five to ten years in great condition, and it could last even longer if it was made from very tough materials. Awnings can be water-resistant, mold-resistant, mildew-resistant, flame-resistant, etc. Some awnings come with warranty guarantees. Check to see if the manufacturer you’re buying from has any sort of timespan guarantee.

A good retractable awning should be warranted not to fade (meaning that the design and color holds up), and it should resist mold, mildew, and more. Replacement fabric might be needed after five or so years, but it might not if your awning was made from some very tough materials. You ought to remove your awning’s fabric in the winter months to ensure it lasts as long as possible.

The five-year estimate is actually a little low. If you buy from a reliable and serious retractable awning manufacturer, you should have a good ten years of use without any problems. Trouble-free, dependable use can be expected for several years. It’s not one of those home additions that lasts just a year or two before needing replacement. A good ten-year common sense warranty is something to look for. A retractable awning manufacturer that takes pride in their product and workmanship will be happy to provide some kind of assurance or warranty.

The good news is that a retractable awning doesn’t cost all that much to begin with, and it can add space and joy to your home. You won’t need to replace it for a long time, either.