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Clear Vinyl Drop Curtains Orlando, FL

Offer your customers protection from severe Florida weather in one of our durable and affordable custom-built, clear vinyl drop curtains.

Residents of Orlando, Florida understand that tropical storms and high winds can be a regular part of life. At the same time, the beautiful outdoor landscapes we enjoy in Florida are something to be celebrated. Ensure that your home or business offers a great view and protection from the elements by outfitting it with a high-wind patio enclosure from Shade & Privacy.

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Custom-Built High Wind Patio & Porch Enclosures

Our durable high wind patio enclosures can shield any outdoor space from winds of up to 65 mph. Crafted with a special construction method that eliminates weak points, these quality high-wind patio enclosures are guaranteed to remain rip-free for at least three years. Because the clear vinyl patio enclosures are welded and not stitched together, there is no risk of leakage even during heavy rainstorms.

Fully customized to your specifications, our high wind porch enclosures will maintain the ambiance of your outdoor dining area. To match the décor of your home or business, you will also have your choice of many beautiful colors when designing your enclosure. Rather than a clunky manual crank, our high-wind patio enclosures will open and close easily with the push of a button.

Year-Round Outdoor Space

By transforming any outdoor space into a year-round dining area, the addition of a high wind patio enclosure can allow Florida business owners to see an increase in their annual profits. Whether you own a restaurant or host outdoor events, keep guests dry and comfortable with a durable high wind patio & porch enclosure.

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